Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brody Was Adopted!

Brody was adopted on Sunday, July 12! Here is the update his former foster parents gave a few days later:

I spoke with Carol last night regarding Brody's status at his new home. They are extremely happy with him so far. They said that he was a little nervous and constantly followed them around to make sure they were always in his sight. But he has been a complete sweetheart since he's been there. Carol said that Koda, their 5 yr old female husky, is already starting to play with him and has him pinned on his back. Brody has not shown any aggression whatsoever. For Koda to do this is a big deal; Carol told us that she doesn't seem to know quite how to play with other dogs. Maybe Brody can teach her!

They also said on Sunday while we were there that they probably wouldn't let him sleep in the bed with them. Yesterday when we spoke, she admitted that they felt bad for him being nervous and a little anxious, so they let him sleep in the bed with them. :) They learned rather quickly just how graceful he is when he gets in and out!

Overall, they said they have completely fallen in love with him and are really happy with the choice that they made. Finally, I think, after lots of traveling around for him, Brody seems to have found his final home. We'll update again as we learn more.

Here are some photos!

Looks like Brody is doing a great job of teaching Koda how to play! Congratulations Brody and family!

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