Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lucky is Doing Great!

We got a 1 year update on Lucky. Here is what his mom had to say:
It's so nice of you to check in on Lucky. Crazy to think that he's been with us for a year already, wow! We drove down to North Carolina to visit Rich's mom this weekend, so right now our baby is still at the kennel and will be home this afternoon.

He's doing great - a little more relaxed (as much as can be expected from a husky) and definitely into a routine, which is good for all of us. He's still having trouble with greeting people and also other dogs, gets a little too excited. He doesn't seem to understand that he should approach other dogs by sniffing their butts and goes straight for their noses. I'm sure you know how well that can go over LOL! He and Rich have a new hobby though - bike riding! We got him a Walky-dog bike leash and harness, and the two of them are the hit of the neighborhood on the weekends. They both get great exercise and they can do a little "boy bonding". I'm trying to get a good picture of this to send you.

As you can see, this big white jerk has definitely made a place for himself in our home and our hearts and we can't imagine not having him. Thank you again for bringing him to us!

It looks and sounds like he has the perfect home. Congratulations Lucky and family!

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